Sunday, May 25, 2008

On our hike for nature!

Erin, Bridgette, and I enjoyed our short time in Duluth, Minnesota.

We spent some time down by the lake. I have always been somewhat fascinated with the brute force and strength of Lake Superior. It is always at least ten degrees colder by the lake and Erin and Bridgette came ill prepared. Bridgette without a jacket and Erin only having flip flops, but they made he best of it.

While down by the lake, it was interesting to note the different types of rocks you can find down by the shore. It seems that the water has changed them and has even eroded their appearance by the mighty crashing from the waves. The color hues of brown, orange, red, black, and even white were beautiful. Coretta being the scientist would have loved to be down there inspecting each one.

Erin even found something that resembled a missile of some sort and we became CSI forensic scientist for a short while trying to hypothesize of it's origin. You never know what the shore will leave behind or take with it on any given day.

We also spent some time down at Lester Park. This used to be one of Nick's favorite places to go and I wanted Erin and Bridgette to experience it as well. Just taking time to listen to the trees blowing, the water trickling down and crashing into the rocks is therapeutic. This is why I feel being close to nature is so important. I believe it can really put your life into perspective.

Here are some pictures of our adventure.

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