Monday, May 12, 2008

The town of Zug

While in Zug, we spent some time getting to know our surroundings.

They have a great town center and train depot where you can find many shops within the Metalli. Here they have many shops that have clothing, accessories, shoes, wine, food, and snacks. They also have one of the towns biggest grocery shops called Migros. This is where many people purchase their groceries.

Another point of interest is Lake Zug. They have many places to sit down and relax as well as bikes and paddle boats you can rent.
Twice a week they have a farmer's market down by the lake that has great produce, fruit, bread, and fresh fish from the lake. I believe that the staples of our diet will be bought here. They also have many music festivals, outdoor cinemas in the summer, arts and craft fairs to name a few of the highlighted events you can participate when visiting the town center of Zug.

In this town of roughly 20,000 it is very easy to get around by way of boat, train, bike, or walking. It is very common to see people outside enjoying the weather as well as going out for drinks after work. You will also see many children out and about as well.

One interesting law in Switzerland is that any children that are school age must go to school on their own. Talk about teaching independence. Not only that, but it is safe for people to walk anywhere, anytime, even at night.

There are also many great cafes, shops, museums, theatres, and casinos to visit as well. If you have an interest, you will find it here in Zug. It is a smaller city than Lucerne or Zurich, but still has the luxuries of a bigger city. Here are just a few photos of Zug.

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