Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Cookie Decorating with the Kids

Today Coretta, Geno, and I decided to decorate our sugar cookies for Christmas. Making cookies, as with coking, is quite different living in Switzerland because all labels are in German. It does somewhat limit your ability to make certain things. For instance, they do not have brown sugar. I could, however, order this from the London Store, for an inflated price, or just make the cookies I can make without it. I chose the latter. Food coloring is another hard commodity to find. It is called Lebensmittel Furbe and seems to only be out on the Holidays.

This year we have made Grandma Alice Earnest's famous chocolate peanut butter bars that have been passed down from generation to generation, Grandma Julia Earnest's snowball cookies that I remember so fondly at Christmas time, as well as homemade sugar and shortbread cookies with cream cheese frosting. Oh, and how can I forget: fudge which Grandma Marilyn always had an abundance of and was oh soooo good.

This is the first time Geno has frosted cookies and he absolutely loved it. He was quite proud of the creations he could make. As for Coretta, my little angel, she went into town to get the ingredients I needed, and had fun frosting them as well. Their favorite past might be sampling their final products I think. Tonight we will follow this up with watching The Grinch who Stole Christmas with Jim Carey. I love the holidays, except for being away from my family in the United States. That is the hard part.

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