Friday, December 25, 2009

Bieter Christmas 2009

We started the evening with home made spinach and ricotta cannelloni and olive bread. We then listened to Coretta play O Christmas Tree on the piano. Once we were done with that, we lined the kids up, and told them that they could only open one present at a time. Geno had the hardest time with this, because this was the first Christmas where he realized what was going on. Here is a video of Coretta playing the piano:

Coretta received many nice things, but the top on her list was the clothes she received. She got a lot of nice clothes from Abecrombie and Fitch from Grandma Earnest, some sweaters and sweater dresses from Hannah Andersson, and some really cute clog boots. She also got a make up kit from Claires, the movie Bedtime stories, necklace, bangles, and an art book. From Santa, she got another cute sweater dress with matching tights, a Volkswagen bus tin filled with candy, a gift certificate, the movie Marley and Me, a doll, and lots of chocolate.

Geno really enjoyed his presents this year. He received a Little People bus and bulldozer, Melissa and Doug wooden teddy bear dress up puzzle, Lola and Charlie dolls and DVD's, Mickey Mouse DVD's, two sweaters and a shirt, a cutting puzzle game, a train set, and a bike. From Santa, he got a firetruck, cars, little people figurines, and a lot of candy in a firetruck tin.

Thanks again to Grandma Marilyn and Grandma and Grandpa Earnest for all of the nice gifts. I hope all of our family and friends wherever you were, had a Merry Christmas! Now we just need to be patient and wait for our 7 day trip to Egypt in January!

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