Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Coretta´s Unit on Mountain Gorillas

Coretta has been working on an Endangered Species Unit Titled Then and Now for a few months in school. The objectives of this project were to choose an endangered species that interests you, research information about your topic, create a visual (poster, booklet, paper) and create a diorama of their natural habitat.

Coretta chose to research mountain gorillas. Since 1963, there are only 200 mountain gorillas left and did you know that they share 98 percent of the same genetic make up as humans?

Coretta´s research and information was thorough and concise and she did a great job presenting it to us at school today. The pictures on his post are from our time at her school today which include a picture with Mom and Dad, her diorama, and poster. A job well done Coretta!

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