Sunday, November 22, 2009

Coretta Sprains her Wrist

Coretta was out playing with her friends on Friday night, and when she came back in, she was holding her wrist. She wasn´t crying, but when I looked at her wrist it was swollen in one spot and her face was white as a ghost. I was worried that she may go in shock, like Nick did when he sprained his, and decided it would be best if she went to the Cantonal Hospital and have the ER Doctors take a look at it. Nick drove her and they didn´t get home until 10 am. Her hand was wrapped in he color of her choice, and was given pain medication, and gel that needs to be applied morning and night.

If it is still causing her pain and difficulty, we have been encouraged to take her into her pediatrician on Monday. Apparently in small children the X-ray does not necessarily show small fractures, so we will see. She is a trooper.

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