Friday, July 24, 2009

A Day at the Beach in Hunenberg, Switzerland

Today since it was so hot, and I promised Coretta, we headed down to the Hunenberg Badi which consists of a swimming pool. lake, diving tower, slide, wading pool for little ones, and a restaurant. We arrived around 10 am and stayed until 2 pm. I wasn't sure how Geno would do considering last time, he was running away from me and taking people's toys and towels, but he did much better. He actually wanted to go swimming in both the wading pool and the swimming pool, and was well behaved. We had lunch there and the kids and I shared chicken strips and fries and had ice cream for dessert.

Geno, being the boy that he is, was trying to sneak a peek at the girls across the way, so he found the perfect place to spy: in between the stairs to the slide. He also made a friend and they enjoyed watching the ducky float down the current.

Coretta, being the mermaid that she is, would jump in, swim laps, do hand stands, as well as entertaining her brother and myself. Looks like this may be a regular thing.

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