Monday, August 23, 2010

Soluthurn, Swizerland: Day Trip

Saturday, we decided to take a trip to Soluthurn, Switzerland. Random choice actually, but we didn't want to sit at home all day and weren't interested in going swimming. It is approximately an hour away from here, and is a very cute village. Once we were there, we parked the car and walked around and discovered an old bell tower you can climb to the top and see beautiful views of the city. Geno, Nick, and I made our way to the top (yes Geno did it all by himself) and the views were breathtaking. Geno loved being up so high. He even commented that he could see birds on the roofs of the houses.

Once done, we made our way down the spiral staircase, until we reached the four huge bells in the tower. All of a sudden,they all start clanging, so loudly we had to cover our ears. Thinking that the bells would cease soon, we stood there in anticipation. They just kept going and going. It felt like twenty minutes. This is when the bell tower assistant came and got us and told us to wait upstairs until they stopped. Once down, we made our way back through the city by the river and drove home just in time for a neighborhood barbecue.

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