Monday, August 2, 2010

Mommy and Geno Hiking Adventure to Pilatus

This weekend, Geno and I decided to go on a hiking adventure to Mount Pilatus. We woke up early and were out the door by eight o'clock and waiting for our train by 8:59 am. We chose Mount Pilatus because we heard that they had the steepest cogwheel train up to the mountain, and I thought Geno might enjoy that. After taking two trains and the cogwheel train, we made it to the top and decided to hike on the wanderweg.

Geno especially enjoyed the cave like passageways where water would actually drip on you from above. At times, the rocks were quite slippery and we needed to be careful as we climbed. Geno loves mountains, this I am sure.

We spent four hours hiking up on the mountain, having lunch, and sharing our crackers with the black birds that surrounded us. Geno loved the accordian music especially and chose to break out in dance as the below video will show you.

Great bonding time with my boy.

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