Monday, August 23, 2010

Brunnen Boat Ride with the Andrews Family

Sunday, being a beautiful and sunny day, we decided to drive to Brunnen, a quaint little mountain village, and take a two hour boat ride. We decided to call Geno's best friend Cameron, to see if he and his Mom and Dad wanted to join us. We then went to pick them up, piled in the car and drove the 30 minutes to Brunnen. Once parked, we walked to the huge outdoor playground and allowed the boys to get rid of some of their energy before boarding the boat. Nick went to figure out the tickets, and we boarded around 2 pm. Nick had bought us first class tickets so we could sit on the top if the boat which has the best views. Once seated, we ordered some beers and orange juice for the boys and enjoyed the scenery and the sun. I can think of a lot of worse ways to spend a Sunday. Sunday is a day of rest, isn't it?

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