Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coretta's End of The Year Student Led Conferences

Today we all attended Coretta's last conference as a fourth grader. It was in the form of a student led conference, where the parents come and the student shares with their parents a portfolio of work the child has done. Coretta first started with reading a poem she created that tells us where she comes from. The purpose of this lesson was to make students think about the things they value in their lives and how all of these things make and shape us into who we are. We, then, were told that it was our turn to write one and share it with Coretta.

The next work station we went to looked at some of the literary elements they have been working on such as alliteration, exaggeration, adjectives, and we had to match the word with the definition.

She then shared with us her ongoing Fair Trade Unit. In this unit students had to learn where their food comes from and how far in distance it must travel to get to our home. They then had to create and advertise a recyclable product. Coretta is making stick figure hand puppets and pencil holders made out of juice cartons.

The last station was looking at math. Coretta played a game with us that has to do with multiplication and towards the end shared with us more work from her portfolio. Her presentation was neat, thorough, and creative. We are so very proud of you Coretta. Keep up the great work!

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