Saturday, March 20, 2010

Making Chocolate Bunnies at the Bakery

Today the kids and I went to the Holz Rust Bakery in Baar and made our own chocolate bunnies from scratch. When we arrived, they asked us what mold we would like. We had frogs, ducks, and bunnies to choose from in all different sizes. Geno and Coretta both chose a bunny.

Then we were to go to the first station where we could paint chocolate inside of the mold in any way or color of chocolate we wanted. Once finished with that, we went to the next station where they clamped our mold together and put our name on it.

Once to the last station, they took the mold, filled it with chocolate, tapped it lightly with a wooden stick, and then set it upright for a few minutes. Then they put chocolate on a sheet and made the base of the bunny and put it in the freezer. Once out of the freezer, they opened the mold and out popped the bunnies. The kids really enjoyed this Easter event and I think we will do it again next year.

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