Friday, March 12, 2010

Dangerous Snowshoeing Experience

Nick had a work function where the whole office was going skiing or snowshoeing for the day. After lunch, Nick asked if any of his colleagues would like to snowshoe with him, and they declined opting for drinking coffee or skiing. Nick, being set on spending the afternoon snowshoeing, took off into the mountains by himself. During this excursion, he was enjoying the solitude and beauty of nature as he made his ascent up the mountain ridge. From the looks of it, the mountain ridge looked as though it was steep for a while and then leveled off. As Nick proceeded up the hill, he realized that once up, he realized it only leveled for a brief moment and then was a steep incline again, so he proceeded. By the time he got to the top and took some pictures, he started to make his ascension, when he received a call from another colleague stating that the gondolas were going to close in about five minutes. As Nick looked around at his surroundings, he noticed that there were no skiers on the chairlifts and it was getting dark. At this point, he began to sprint down the mountain in hopes that he would be able to catch the gondola in time and not be stranded on the mountain at dusk with no food or avalanche shovel. he made it, and was relieved that he wouldn't have to eat himself to survive.

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