Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Big Move

Today I am busy packing things for our move to Switzerland. All week I really will have no life. Not to say that my life is all that exciting anyways, but even less of one now unless you count filling nail holes and heavy lifting your kind of party.

Yesterday we packed up Coretta's things and she started to cry a little bit. She never likes to throw anything away. Sensitive like her mother, to her, every object has a story and a memory. It can be a constant battle that I tend to not push, until now. We had piles and piles of stuff that we threw away and some things that she wanted to give to her cousin Emilia. We threw out approximately five bags of stuff in her room alone. She laughs now because it is much easier to clean and thinks it is cool because her room echoes now.

For the brief moments I have between naptimes and meals, we try to spend time outside in the yard. Here are some photos of my garden. My little bit of zen this week.

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are you sure about that?

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