Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rice Street Parade

Yesterday Geno, Coretta, and I ventured out to the Rice Street Parade. We saw horses, clowns, politicians, bagpipes, drummers, and many people throwing out candy, color books, books, and necklaces. They really cater to the kids and the kids come prepared with their bags to collect as much candy as they can. The Rice Street parade never disappoints the spectators, throwing out suckers, tootsie rolls, gum, laffy taffy, jawbreakers, freezies, and even cartons of milk.

Geno even received a tootsie roll pop and thanks to Grandma Earnest knew exactly what to do with it. It couldn't have came at a better time, because he was getting fussy and the parade had barely started.

The people who run the Winter Carnival and the vulcans were out in full support as well. Coretta was even "vulcanized" when they put their infamous letter V on her cheek.

The clowns were definitely my favorite and reminded me of the year that Auntie Sarah was here for the parade. Knowing how afraid she is of clowns, we played a prank on her and scared her half to death when one clown kept following her. I think she has watched one to many horror films with clowns!!

There is really nothing that screams American than a community parade! Here are a couple of pictures from the parade.

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