Wednesday, July 2, 2008


This summer Coretta has been busy playing in the neighborhood with her friends, riding her bike and scooter, going to the beach and shopping! In fact, the other day, I was completely shocked when she saved not only two weeks worth of allowance, but also her tooth fairy money. Today was the day that she could not save any longer, so I took her shopping after we dropped Dad off at work. Coretta bought two tank tops and a pair of flip flops that she is wearing in the pictures above.

We are also lizard sitting for Coretta's friend Ruby. The lizard's name is Chim Chim and it is a crested gecko. We need to mist him with water every morning and night. He is nocturnal and eats crickets and some other food that smells like baby food. Coretta might want to get a reptile of sorts when we move to Switzerland, so this is great practice. So far so good.

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