Sunday, April 6, 2008

Coretta and her friends...

Your first holy only comes once in a lifetime. It is your first real taste of independence and growing up. It is just like saying your first word, taking your first step, riding your bike, getting your driver's license...these are all milestones that again only come once in a lifetime.

Here are a few photos of Coretta with her friends on their first holy communion! They all did such a wonderful job. We were all very proud of them.

As nervous as they were, it all turned out fine. No one tripped, no one forgot what to do, and no one seemed to make a sour face when they tried the wine. Needless to say, it was a very elegant ceremony.

From their procession into the church two by two, to the blessing from Father Joe of holy water in remembrance of their baptism, to the partaking of the Eucharist, it was a very special and memorable day.

It really had me reminiscing about my own Holy Communion and how special, I, too, felt on that day. It also had me thinking about how quickly my little daughter is growing up. For me, this signified my little baby turning into a little lady. I told her the next time I will see her in white is on her wedding day. And she retorted, "It won't be any time soon! Which I retorted, Good idea!"

It was great to have so much family there to celebrate with us and I know it made Coretta feel important.

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