Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Century Middle School

Today I resigned from my position as eighth grade English teacher at Century Middle School. I have never quit at anything in my whole life, so it was pretty difficult. Walking through the halls, alive with students and faculty busily walking to one class to the next was something that I have missed in my past 18 months off. Not only will I miss the interaction with students and seeing the light-bulb moment when a student finally gets the answer, but I will miss the camaraderie that I built with so many wonderful and established teachers and staff. Century was a place where I enjoyed going to work, always had fun, and felt satisfied and challenged. Although I still am engaged in furthering my education, this will be missed.

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Erin Carson said...

You will be very missed at CMS Crystal! I am so excited and jealous for your amazing adventure that is up and coming. It will be something that you and your family will never forget and will change your lives forever.

We will be thinking of you here, so make sure to stop in and say hi when you visit! Thanks for some great years Crystal!