Monday, February 18, 2008

Switzerland Bound...

As many of you know, our family might have the opportunity to live abroad in Zurich, Switzerland for three years. Not only do we think that this will be a great opportunity for ourselves and the kids to experience culture and art, but a way for us to take our children to their ancestors.

Since this idea came up, I have been asking my mother and father specific questions about Italy. My mother and father contacted my Grandma Lucca and stated that our ancestors came from the northern town in Italy called Vincentia. This city is very close to Milan, Italy. We do know that many of our relatives are still living in this region today. Before my ancestors came to America they were sheep herders in this region. My mother has given me my Great Uncle Livio Lucca's phone number (Grandpa Geno's brother) to find out more. My hope is to travel this region and hopefully meet these relatives. It is very exciting! The picture to the right is a panoramic view of the city of my ancestors! Below are some links to websites I have found that give information about this town:

Welcome to Vincentia
Photos of Vincentia
History of Vincentia

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heidibieter said...

You better hurry up and get over there. I'm dying for a decent vacation abroad. Haven't been across the pond since I coerced a group of yoga students into hosting a yoga retreat in Costa Rica a handful of years ago. Have to find my passport. Shit - hurry it up. I love Suisse German men! xo