Monday, February 18, 2008

Geno's first haircut

Today Dad took Geno up to Kids Hair to get Geno's first haircut. He surprisingly sat very well in the chair and seemed to enjoy the experience. They even gave us an envelope to put Geno's baby hair in for his baby book. Dad can finally relax about his son's hair being too long, and Mom can mourn the loss of his curls!
Coretta too decided that she needed a change and got her hair cut as well.

Geno is definitely looking and becoming more little boy than baby now. He can crawl up the stairs, but doesn't know how to get down yet. He can stand without support for a couple of seconds and pulls himself up on everything. My floor, however, is never clean enough. He always finds something to go into his mouth and I scrub them daily! He is also much more open to showing love. He likes to give hugs and open mouthed kisses (even to Charlie which is something we are working on). He loves to eat beans, oatmeal, peanut butter and jelly, yogurt, and corn. I have noticed that most times when he refuses to eat, it means he is thirsty. He is very close to saying the word milk when he wants it. He can say Etta, Mama, Daddy right now, but not routinely enough.

Coretta just had her conferences with her second grade teacher. They went very well. The teacher stated that she couldn't do any better in school and that she was a natural born leader. She is enjoying school, figure skating, first holy communion preparation, and Destination Imagination. Her big competition is on March 1st! She is enrolling in piano lessons at the Saint Joseph's School of Music in March as well as floor hockey. She stated that she has been called a tomboy at school because of her deep love of sports. Guess she is following in her mother's footsteps.

Here are some photos of my beloved kids after their haircuts!

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heidibieter said...

I would have never let that horrible looking woman touch my, or my son's hair! What are you thinking????????????/ Isn't there a decent salon in your hood? hahahahhahahah Just kidding. Love you guys.