Sunday, February 3, 2008

Geno and his many looks...

Geno is really becoming more of a little boy with such personality and laughter! Some of his favorite things to do are to play with puzzles, take a bath, and play with his sister. He is also very into music, more specifically, the drums so we might just have a rocker on our hands.

He is still on the road to receiving the Most Picky Eater Award, but I guess he is just an independent thinker! Independent thinker or not, it has been quite the challenge for Mom.

He is most happy when he has the freedom to roam the house looking for mischief to get into such as eating paper from the floor, pulling the heating vents off the wall, or shutting and opening doors. I can't wait until he can walk and talk. Things will be much easier for Geno and me. I keep thinking how frustrating it must be for him.

He and Charlie are usually always together. Even when Geno is taking a bath, Charlie is in protector mode as seen in the picture above. Either protector mode or wanting a bath too! Take a look!

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