Thursday, February 7, 2008

Holy Communion Preparation

As part of Coretta's first holy communion preparation, she and I must complete coursework together. Tonight we completed chapter one that spoke about the sacraments and the holy spirit.

In this book, she must also put pictures from her baptism and family. Here are a few pictures of our first class together! The picture on the left Coretta with her Mom and Dad, her godparents Brian and Bridgette, and Father Carroll. The one in the middle is of me reading the assignment. The last one is a picture of John, Bridgette, Nick and I at Saint Andrews where Coretta was baptized.

While we were sifting through the photographs figuring out which ones she wanted to put into this scrapbook, Coretta turns to me and says, "Who is the woman with the long hair holding me?" I laughed and said that is Auntie Bridge! Look at how long her hair was!

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