Friday, January 25, 2008

Scoot, scoot....

Geno is getting closer and closer to walking. He scoots around on his knees and tries to pull himself up to a stand. It isn't so much that he can't do it, but more when will he do it. He is definitely a child that does things when he is ready and not when Mom or Dad is ready.

His vocabulary is still a series of babbles, but it seems to be very meaningful speech for him. The other day, we were playing with toys in his room, when he crawled over to me, and pulled himself up to his knees and laid his head on my shoulder speaking to me in his newly created language. This to me was a very precious moment.

We have been going to the YMCA as a family and have designated Sundays as family work out and swim. Geno really loves the water.

He is just over 13 months now and is very happy and content.

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