Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Prayer Tree

This year I feel that it is important to instill in Coretta the importance of giving to those that are less fortunate. Through our parish, they have a a giving tree during the advent season. Parishoners are asked to take a tag and purchase a gift for someone in need. Coretta chose a toy for a 9-12 year old. At Coretta's school, IHM-Saint Luke's, they are also sponsoring a family. For this we donated an array of books. We plan to also go carolling to raise money for the homeless.

Furthermore, this year we decided to start a new tradition at the Bieter household. We decided to incorporate what we refer to as the prayer tree. On this tree we have attached important things that we are praying for throughout the holiday season. So far we are praying for the homeless, the sick, the lonely, the soldiers, people who have died or lost their loved ones, peace, patience as well as for the well being of our family and friends. Each prayer gets it's own colorful tag and is then attached to the tree. It is a great reminder to remember what is important during the holiday season ans take a moment to be thankful for what we have. Here is a picture of our prayer tree!

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