Friday, December 14, 2007

Coretta's Christmas Concert

Already Coretta's Christmas concert is coming upon us. I believe it is next week. This year is really flying by. I decided that I should take a few pictures of her in her Christmas dress so I could post them before the holidays and actually get some Christmas cards out. My hope of having a great photo of my children together doesn't seem to be a reality this year because Geno will not stand for it. If I do get cards made, they will each have their separate photo. We are going to the annual West Christmas party tomorrow. Santa will be there as well as many other child friendly events. I hope that Geno will sit on Santa's lap, but my guess is that he will be scared and cry. I believe Coretta has written her letter to Santa and I believe that she stated that she wanted a scooter or a skateboard. Well...Here is a picture of Coretta in her Christmas dress!

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