Friday, September 21, 2007

All family members, please get out your wallets!!

As is tradition at any Catholic School, fall is a time when schools are preparing for their annual Marathon where students, parents, and teachers are involved in raising money for things that are needed at their school. Not only does this charitable donation help the students get supplies that they need for the year, but it will give Coretta a chance to win gift certificates to Best Buy, Target, and most importantly free dress on Fridays if the school makes their goal each week. If you have ever attended a school that makes students wear uniforms, you would realize that this prize is definitely the biggest of all! The Marathon is scheduled for October 13th. So...if you have not donated money to any charitable cause yet this year, the Marathon is the one for you!! Please send any donations to Coretta's address. If possible, make the check out to Nick and we will turn all of the money in one lump sum. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a photo of Coretta proudly wearing her Marathon T-shirt.

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