Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nick and Crystal's Day Getaway to Einsiedeln Switzerland

This Friday, Nick decided to take the day off, so we decided to travel to Einsiedeln, Switzerland. The only thing that we knew about this small village is that it had one of the largest Benedictine Monasteries in Europe. We found out that Einsiedeln is part of the Canton of Schwyz. The French revolution had definitely changed the face of Switzerland forever. The old Confederation no longer existed.

In the 17th century, they began reconstruction of the Abbey. The Benedictines attempted to construct the ideal monastery that would be laid out in such a way, that all necessities of life: water, mill, garden, etc. and all occupations could be practiced within it's walls.

The benedictine Monastery has become a place of pilgrimage for many, in part because of the Chapel with the Black Madonna. Many ask what caused her face to be black, and what we found out, was that the soot from the candles, incense and oil lamps had darkened the original color gradually throughout the ages. It is thanks to this, that Einsiedeln has attained its international standing as a pilgrim's place.

This was a quaint and beautiful village where Nick and I enjoyed a peaceful and beautiful day together.

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