Monday, September 13, 2010

Lugern Mountain Trip

Nick, Geno, and I decided to drive approximately one hour away to Lungern for a day of sightseeing and hiking in the mountains. We arrived around 11:00 am and then decided to make our ascent up the mountain by cable car.

Once to the first area, we then jumped onto a chairlift that took us all the way to the top. Not sure how I would be able to handle the chairlift because of my fear of heights, I decided to roll with it. We stood in the spaces and waited for the chairlift and jumped on. Nick then put the bar down over our heads and we were in the air. I started to have a panic attack, mostly because my feet were dangling free and tried to look straight ahead instead of down.

Once to the top, we decided to walk around the mountain and take in the views. We stopped at the chalet for lunch and then made our descent down.

The town itself was cute, so we decided to walk down by the lake and let Geno throw some rocks. Gorgeous sunny day in the best company a girl could ask for. Thanks Nick.

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