Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nature Hike in my Neighborhood

While the rumors continue of snow back in America in May, I am happy to report that the spring like weather is perfect in Switzerland. One of our favorite family outings that we do, is to go on nature hikes in our neighborhood. We have been blessed to live in a rural village in Switzerland with all the natural beauty and quaint Swiss villas that never seem to get old in seeing in person. It still amazes me how we can walk outside our door and immediately see cows, pigs, horses, and sheep any time of the day. Sheep are especially common right now, since the grass is long and many people employ the sheep to chew down their grass in their yards.

Geno particularly likes these nature walks because he can show off his skills with riding his bike. Every time we go on our walk, our first stop is over by the public school so Geno can ride up and down the inclined road and lift his feet high in the air and steer to the bottom of the hill following that up with a few circles at the bottom. he then soon after says, "Again?" which we always follow up with, "Sure!" I am so amazed how quickly he has picked up bike riding.

Charlie, as well, enjoys these long walks, but usually needs to stop in the nearby ravine to take a dip and cool off. Because of the valleys and ridges, Switzerland is a beautiful area to explore with beautiful countryside all around you. These walks are not only good for you physically, but good for the soul.

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