Friday, February 19, 2010

Ski Holiday

Since we didn't go anywhere over ski holiday, I tried to make the week meaningful for the kids. We went to the park, the bakery, shopping, sledding, swimming, and probably one of the most memorable: a trip to the Brocki. The brocki is located right next to our apartment and sells used goods that people bring in. Coretta has had her eyes on the big bag of stuffed animals for a while and has been hinting to me, not being one bit subtle about her intentions, that she would like to buy them. I gave she and Geno 2 francs to go and pick out something. A few minutes later, they came home with a huge plastic bag of stuffed animals as well as another huge plastic bag of wooden train tracks. You would have thought that they had won the lottery. She and Geno divided up their stuffed animals and quickly gave them all names. One in particular, Geno felt looked either like Santa Claus or Grandpa Tom. Here is the video of him going through the names of all of his animals.

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