Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Geno's Speech Therapy

Geno has been continuing with his speech therapy sessions one week for two hours, and it is clearly paying off. This time last year, he could hardly speak any words and was at least 11 months behind primarily in fine motor skills and language. At his last update, Geno has shown rapid progress in his development. In many areas he is at or above his age level. The only areas that are behind are his fine motor skills and speech, but only 3 months behind. This is great news and I am very proud of him. With Ms. Zeigler and my help, he has come a long way in a short time. She now believes that he will not need hand therapy as well which is good news. His classmates and teachers at school are now being able to understand him clearly too.

The pictures above are of some of the activities he did this week in therapy. The picture to the left is a self portrait that Geno drew of himself and at the bottom right where the scribbles are is where he wrote Geno Bieter. The other picture in the top right is of Geno practicing making a cross. He responds well to having me or Ms. Zeigler draw one line saying yes, where he draws his line through saying yes. the other drawings around it are him being creative. Lastly, the bottom right is Geno's necklace he made for me. He had to cut both red and black straws and string them together which helps with his fine motor skills. Keep up the good work Geno. Mommy and daddy are very proud of you!!

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