Thursday, November 15, 2007

Little Hercules

Geno is almost 11 months old and is in to everything. Mom and Dad cannot even get his diaper off without a fight. Try to dress him...forget it!! He is so strong that we literally need to pin him down and wrestle with him. If this isn't bad enough, it seems that the first thing he wants to do is put his hand right into his poop.

He is still crawling around all over the place and creating mischief. He loves to play outside, but needs to be watched closely so that he doesn't try to eat a pine cone, however, his environment outside is much less restricted than when he is inside trying to pull wires out of walls and pull plant stands on top of himself.

He and Charlie have a great time playing together, however, Geno can also be too rough on Charlie. When Charlie gets annoyed or irritated Geno laughs.

He still enjoys to eat his fruits and vegetables, but now enjoys toast and cheerios as well. I have tried and tried to get him to feed himself, but he just looks at me with his mouth open as if to say, "What are we waiting for, would you feed me already!"

He doesn't speak too much, mostly yelling and laughing, and spitting, but when he really wants something, he says Mama over and over until I respond.

As for affection, this does not exist in Geno's world, but if you are the chosen one that he actually gives a three second hug to, cherish it, these are very limited.

One of his many past times are spinning around in his saucer, jumping it off the ground, or spinning himself around and around until he is dizzy. Another is bath time. If he can take a bath every day, he would because there is nothing more exciting than splashing in the water and biting on the sprayer. He also loves to dance to jazz music.

If you take away a toy he is playing with watch out because he will throw a tantrum to let you know he doesn't approve. He definitely has some fire in his personality, but mostly he is a passionate child who is not afraid to let you know how he is feeling be it good or bad.

This is Geno's 11 month update! More to come next month when he is a year old!

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