Sunday, November 18, 2007

Coretta's Video on Grandpa's babysitting debut

To the right is a picture of Grandpa and his boys when he came over to babysit last Friday. Coretta and Geraldina highlighted some of their best moments when Grandpa Tom came over to babysit Geno and Coretta in this short video. I have to say that Grandpa did a superb job. He always knows how to make Coretta feel special which always includes popcorn, pop, movies, and playing games. He also taught her how to use the microwave all by herself. He survived babysitting Geno as well which is great since Geno is selective about who he is left with and it is quite common when people pick him up to get the pouty face and cry as if to say "Your not my mother!" In any case I think Grandpa and Geno are really bonding!! Here is also a picture of Granpa actually feeding Geno. Next step is diapers! If Granpa can do that, he can do anything!

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