Thursday, December 9, 2010

Geno Finally Has a Big Boy Bed

Geno's big bed finally came today. I think I may have been more excited than Geno, who already hates bedtime and anything associated with it. I guess in a way it symbolizes another milestone of my baby boy getting bigger. I decided to go into Steinhausen to see if I could find any reasonable bedding to go with his new bed. Every store I went in wanted roughly 75 CHF for a duvet and pillow. Finally, I lucked out when I stopped at Aldi. I found a blue flannel duvet with space aliens and dogs on it that matched his room, and it only cost 19.99. I also found a matching rug for 30 CHF. I couldn't wait to get it on his bed. I found what we rarely find: A Switzerland deal.

Once home, I de-cluttered some of the things in his room, re-evaluating the amount of toys were of current interest or not, and discarding the latter. Once the duvet and pillow were on the bed and the rugs laid in place, his room was coming together. I now only need to purchase some curtains and some wall decorations, and it will be done.

Tonight was his first night in his big bed and he slept soundly.

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