Monday, July 26, 2010

Home Leave Duluth, MN 2010

While back in America, we spent some time in Duluth, MN, where Nick grew up. We stayed at Fitgers, which is an old renovated brewery on the way up to Heston's Lodge, did some shopping, and spent time down by Lake Superior. On the way back from the Gunflint, we stayed at the Edgewater Hotel which had a waterpark where we met up with Imania, Auntie Sarah, and Grandma Bieter.

Geno had a blast at the kiddie water park and was able to down all of the water slides by himself. Coretta loved the two bigger water slides. I, too, went on these with her, and all went well until I decided to go on the green one by myself. In doing so, I started by sitting up, but the sheer force of the water pushed me on to my back where I swallowed so much water, that I feared being spit into more water by the current, that I tried to plug my nose. Once out, Coretta noticed that my nose was bleeding. I guess I had pushed hard onto my newly pierced nose, and caused it to bleed.

After several onlookers screaming, "Nose bleed!" I refrained from shouting that I had HIV (obviously a joke) and went back to our room. When the kids were done, they came back and we ordered Sammy's Pizza. Auntie Sarah even managed to teach Geno how to say thank you properly, however, when he said it, it sounded like "fuck you." Oh, the Bieter's and their sick sense of humor.

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