Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Coretta and Geno have School Conferences

This past week, Coretta had school conferences with her teacher Ms. Mathena. Ms. Mathena informed us how much she loves having Coretta in class. She said Coretta was a true leader and is a gifted writer and reader who is very advanced for her age. She also said that Coretta's Egypt power point she shared with the class was amazing and engaging. I am so proud of how hard she works and the glowing compliments from her teacher.

Coretta is a very busy fourth grader. She is taking guitar and piano lessons. So far, she is learning simple songs on the guitar such as Jingle Bells and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. She is in Book Club, Badminton, and Girl Guides this term. Girl Guides is for 10 year old girls, similar to Girl Scouts where girls can earn badges. The girls volunteer and do things for the community, learn how to make a fire, and even how to make wooden furniture. Coretta starts this on Thursday and is very excited.

Geno also had conferences with Ms. Marianne. She stated that Geno has come a long way since last year when he started. When he started, he never spoke a word (or could for that matter) and spent most of the day observing. This year, he is talkative and has a great group of friends he loves to interact with each day.Some of his favorite classmates are Olivia, Olivier, Arda, and Pascal. He has improved greatly in his fine and gross motor skills and loves to play puzzles, be read to, play with trains, leggos, playdough, as well as arts and crafts. She believes he is quite advanced for his age, but has trouble voicing what he thinks. He loves numbers and anything to do with Math. I have been told that his favorite color is orange and that he is a great listener and does a great job sharing and taking turns.

Both of my lovely kids are doing well in school, and thriving academically and socially. They sure make me a proud Mommy!

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